What’s in it for you?

some benefits of membership in frontier peace

– Your Vote on FPA Priorities:  Membership in FPA entitles you to help determine where we place our lobbying resources.  At the time you purchase an annual membership, we ask you to rank the most important issues that you want FPA to work on.  As often as you like, login to refresh your views for us, but this initial input from you at the time of subscribing is especially crucial.

– Your Direct Pipeline to FPA lobbyists:  Through a secure members-only portal on the FPA website, you’ll have direct input to our Statehouse personnel.  We encourage you to share good arguments, research, tactical suggestions, and even any effective text you think should be inserted into our testimony.  PLEASE ALSO use this pipeline to tell us (if you’re timely) whether you want us to include your name as an endorser on any given testimony that FPA publishes.  Whenever sufficient advance hearing notices allow, we’ll post our rough draft of testimony on this secure page for you to review.



    – Candid Insiders Bulletin Board:  We’ll post here for you some details, overheard quotes, video snippets and political perspectives that FPA does not publicly distribute.  It’s accessible with your members-only login to our site, for reporting exclusively to you our FPA news of behind-the-scene Statehouse developments.  Whether it’s about lawmakers’ ulterior motives, jockeying among the leadership hierarchy, the influence of campaign contributors, the likely consequences of reelection bids, the often-strange requirements of parliamentary procedure, our opponents’ use of disingenuous arguments, or other “inside baseball” details, this FPA feature will keep you attuned to the story behind the story.

     – Bill Updates:  For each of the issue priorities that the FPA membership has targeted, you’ll receive prompt news of any action legislators take on the bills affecting our topics.  These typically happen several times each week during the session and include announcements of bill introductions, scheduled hearings, committee amendments, voting outcomes, and more.

    – Statehouse News in Context:  Before we share it with anyone else, FPA sends you short bulletins of breaking newsworthy happenings regarding our priority topics or broader political developments that affect our priorities.  Whether positive or concerning, this will include relevant evidence and arguments by Kansas lawmakers, opponents, regulatory officials, and other players in the unfolding public policy debates.  Not all these voices are persuasive or impactful, so you can count on FPA to identify what’s really important to our cause.

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