The most important cause

Our Liberty philosophy is one of very limited government, advocating for reducing laws and regulations that go beyond the protection of peace, life and property — laws that exceed this core purpose of government are unnecessary, judgmental, social engineering.  FPA’s “live and let live” approach respects a legitimate smaller role for government in our daily lives and is the best safeguard against a theocracy that tries to coerce any broader range of moral behavior.

This philosophy of FPA is an over-arching mindset, one for applying to any & all issues.  It’s one big factor that makes FPA different from other associations that only push discrete issues or that aim to benefit certain segments of the public.

Our concentration on peace and tolerance is the most life-affirming approach for overall government, creating the environment in which the greatest number of people will seek, find and follow their spiritual calling.  And as these reforms spread, they create the greatest good (health, opportunity, prosperity, tolerance, loving relationships, etc.) for the greatest number of people.

    An excellent in-depth exploration of the full scope and application of our philosophy is presented online by an independent entity, the Libertarian Christian Institute and we highly recommend you try out their abundance of literature and podcasts.

    Elsewhere on this site we emphasize this peaceful cornerstone of our work, The Non-Aggression Principle, and although political scientists refer to this movement as classical liberalism or libertarianism, Frontier Peace is non-partisan and has no connection with the Libertarian Party.

    And while Frontier Peace applies libertarianism in keeping with a Christian perspective, we will always remain non-denominational, tolerant, respectful of all faiths, and committed to universal nonaggression.

    Every interest is a “special interest”, but the love of liberty makes us all allies.

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