Frontier Peace is Unique

Unfortunately, nobody else makes Peace the driving concern, the unifying theme, the connective philosophy for all their public policy objectives.  Peace is tolerance, is respect for differences, and is never coercive.  That’s why the peaceful Non-Aggression Principle controls all FPA efforts, yet is so different from typical government methods.

Frontier Peace is also purposefully structured as a private non-governmental lobbying organization.  We receive no tax breaks.  All non-profit organizations (such as 501c3 or 501c4) are restricted in the allowed extent of lobbying they may do.  But in our case, everything we do is lobbying.


Furthermore, our rejection of tax breaks best protects our members’ legal privacy.  We have no duty to disclose our members’ information to any government regulators in order to maintain any nonprofit tax-exempt status.

If there’s another lobbying group anywhere that operates with this model, please let us know.  We think we’re charting brand new territory this way.


Frontier peace advisors

Lawrence, Kansas
(785) 813-1181