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Frequently Asked Questions

is frontier peace affiliated with the libertarian party?

While we’ve had many friendly and collegial talks with officials from all major parties, and will have many more, FPA is not formally or informally connected with any of them.

Weren't you previously known as the liberty alliance?

Yes, and we are still the same company, same mission, same personnel, and same business model.  To better emphasize our core philosophy for marketing purposes, we’re now doing business as Frontier Peace Advisors.  That’s all that has changed.  

are my fpa membership dues tax deductible?

Highly likely they’re not, since Frontier Peace is not established as a charitable nonprofit organization.  Only if you are a business buying an FPA membership for your business might you then be able to deduct the dues as a business expense.

as an fpa member, would my voice in our group be drowned-out by other members?

Whether you pay monthly or all up front, these low membership rates are the same for any given member and these are the only sources of FPA revenue. No member pays more, no member’s vote counts more than any other, and all members have the same communication access to FPA staff.

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