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Peace is the New Frontier

Welcome to Frontier Peace Advisors!

Your membership in this group supports our work influencing changes to laws, change that respects everyone’s liberty.

Do you feel passionate about achieving real choice in K-12 education?  …stopping asset forfeitures to government?  …allowing legal marijuana use?  …repealing victimless crimes?


ALSO…The last time the US formally declared war was in 1942.  Military “police actions” have been the norm ever since, including twenty years battling in Afghanistan.  The US won two World Wars in less combined time than that.

How could we ensure that Kansas Guard members will not sacrifice themselves as Ukrainian cannon fodder for another undeclared war?

See inside the 2022 FPA priority legislation, Defend The Guard!




What are lobbyists?

Think of us as a sales staff.  You want politicians to enact laws (buy our ideas) that maximize freedom by limiting government power to the core functions of protecting people and property.


Normally, you’d need very deep pockets to hire your own lobbyist.  Lots of special interests spread this cost around by creating charitable non-profit associations, but ours is not a charity.  Our members are a principled group, exercising business freedom to combat special interest politics.


This philosophy applies to any & all issues.  It’s the most tolerant and life-affirming approach for government.  As these reforms take hold, they create the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

what's in it for you

How else do you think politicians will ever routinely get exposed to these ideas?  It takes a daily sales effort with them.  Only FPA members get to help set our issue priorities, get a direct pipeline to their elected officials, get statehouse bulletins they really care about …and more…  

Frontier Peace is an association of individual thinkers, regular people who are joined to promote the broadest and most important causes that politicians supposedly embrace:  Peace & Liberty.

That’s the whole idea behind Frontier Peace.  The Non-Aggression Principle is the cornerstone of all we do.

Can you name anyone in our Statehouse politics who is always devoted to, who always works toward, this ideal?  Think about how this whole system is so quick to judge.

  •     You don’t like to judge other people.
  •     Politicians pass judgment on people with every vote they cast on every issue.
  •     Other lobbyists encourage government – often demanding it – to judge others.
  •     Who lobbies for stopping this judgmental hamster wheel?

Our country’s pioneers didn’t blaze the frontier with expensive lobbyists, AND YOU DON’T NEED THEM EITHER…You simply need the affordable membership in Frontier Peace.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.”

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